Friday, March 13, 2009

Stress Tests

You might see where China is getting impatient, if the long term plan is to avoid any storyboard and just talk about how to jump start moribund industries, to force a return to business as usual, a losing proposition. They're investing in Pepperland, not Blue Meanies, if that makes any sense. This will require "imagination" as Spongebob might say (remember viiv?).

Fortunately, the art community is striking the flint, rubbing two sticks, trying to get something going. The Bucky exhibit, recently at the Whitney, is moving to Chicago. I hope to take it in during my stay, given 4D Geometry is integral within my Portland-made brand of Pythonic Math. My two XOs already trace to friendly ties with Hong Kong (XOs run a Python GUI atop Linux, known as Sugar). I wasn't a direct participant in G1G1, although I admire that campaign.


Speaking of Bucky, there's a new book coming out that I somewhat expect to fall in the "Bucky as Britney" genre (soap opera stuff), given I was at no point contacted about the hard core Synergetics aspects (bleeped over by Whitney as well). Anyone claiming "due diligence" will at least cite my work in this area. That's likely not the focus though, probably something more tabloid.