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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Remembering MLK Day

I've continued to weave the net, keeping pages with pages.  The original Wiki, started by Ward Cunningham, explains the philosophy behind the Wiki design.  As a newly invited denizen of Citizendium, I've done a new autobio.  

Why not do double duty and link my Wikipedia page to the same page and vice versa?

On Facebook, I've been talking about my heros (a few of them) from the Civil Rights movement...

My superhero of the civil rights movement is Muhammad Ali. He stood up to the suits, who wanted to send him to Vietnam. He'd give up the world title before he submitted to the corporatocracy that was even then destroying our democracy from the inside.

I'm a big MLK fan too of course. I took in some of my civil rights movement lore from Kiyoshi Kuromiya, who worked closely with MLK's people on the March on Washington event. 

Kiyoshi was nearly killed by rabid racist cops in the south. Like Bayard Rustin, he was taking up gay rights as part of civil rights (being civil means not dictating / imposing the customs of some ethnic group).

Another healer I admire is Father Divine, the short black guy who professed to be God and who had a very mixed bag following (many walks of life and shades of coloration). 

Their idea of a cult was to live in big hotels and have lavish banquets. Pretty benign.

Civil Rights Gallery:

Bayard Rustin: Civil and gay rights activist. Nowadays celebrated by AFSC (libtard Quakers -- my brand too).

Muhammad Ali: One of the most effective equalizers of all time.

Kiyoshi Kuromiya: born in a prison camp for Japanese Americans; worked closely with MLK; gay rights HIV activist; colluded with Bucky Fuller on some of his most catalyzing works.

R. Buckminster Fuller: American Transcendentalist, worked with Harlem and East Saint Louis community leaders on megaproject futuristic visions, disavowed racism, celebrated Americans as the most cross-bred (mongrelized, with a pun on Christian) population ever.

Saturday, January 09, 2021


These crazy rioters, egged on by a tiny cabal of true believers in authority, including the president and General Flynn, symbolize the energy that swept Trump into office four years ago. Pizzagate. Conspiracy mindedness.

However, rather than face the mental illness, Russia was blamed, I think by untrusted sources, e.g. CrowdStrike and Fusion GPS.

Going further back, the conspiracy theory that Saddam had something to do with 911 and was plotting to nuke the US, was just as nutty, and was the thinking encouraged by Condoleezza and her crowd. 

Trump incited a crazy populace to storm the Capitol. Cheney incited a crazy populace to trash a hundred palaces and ransack an entire country. I don't see how that was more sane.

We've been without leadership since at least the Reagan Years, when we discovered lunatic nut cases like Ollie North (General Flynn's prototype) were secretly running "US" foreign policy.

The USA (1776 - 1983) descended into Fake Government during the Grunch Consolidation Period (GCP), bringing us to where we are today, to our new world disorder (NWD).

Sunday, January 03, 2021

Pyramid in the Sky

Constructing a health care infrastructure that's based on single payer (for what, citizens?) is going to be a huge undertaking, requiring algorithms and computer science beyond the knowledge of current legislators.

If they felt they had the money, they might opt for experiments. Expand the care given to veterans for example. Start there?

It's like asking people who've never built a pyramid to suddenly build one. We do private insurance. We barely do public health. We haven't solved the citizenship puzzle.

If Congress waved a magic wand and allocated a trillion for M4All what would happen? Everyone would scurry to build the pyramid they don't know how to build?

No, the illusion would be broken. The idea that money combined with laws actually drive outcomes (like magic!) would pop like a soap bubble on a warm day.

Congress needs to preserve the illusion of power. Approving pipe dreams no one knows how to put into practice is not the way to fool most of the people most of the time.

Wars on the other hand... Congress knows it can fund nightmares and make those happen. It's the good happy stuff people don't know how to do. No one taught them.

"Well.... I mean no offense... but the Italians managed it."

Yes, but they started decades ago. Italians are Social Democrats and like that. Like in that Michael Moore film about who to invade next: a lot of Euro countries thought they were imitating the American Dream, only to find out later the Americans weren't really serious about it. 

Americans chose to be Team America World Police (South Park Studios). We could have been a health care destination place, or a theme park capital, or... so many choices. But we had the war machine and knew how to crank the handle. 

So now we're decades behind even China, when it comes to caring for our own people. It's humiliating. We hope they notice our fancy weapons instead, as that's where the ego is. Others may have healthcare, but we have more nukes than all of them combined. So there.