Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fighting for Treaty Rights

Similar in some ways to Five Broken Cameras: land grabby immigrants with some self-justifying mythology seize the assets of a less numerous, less well-defended people.

This is about fighting for treaty rights. The hypocrisy of prosecuting criminals while meanwhile getting away with breaking treaties is what gives Anglo-Euros their "forked tongue" reputation.

The AFSC provided a loan that helped towards making this film, which was repaid in full.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Empty Theatrics

Lots of laughter in Portland as the Water Bureau drains a bazillion gallons because somebody peed in the reservoir.

Is there any science behind it?

I was up there today and watched them hose out a swimming pool the size of a lake.  Ducks poop in that water too, but no headlines then.

I think the point is to:

(a) get some overtime pay, not a problem


(b) remind shallow non-thinkers why we need to take the best water in any municipality, fresh from Mount Hood, and turn it into the same underground / canned stuff everyone else has (piss poor).

People hear about Portland having better water and get jealous.

The EPA doesn't like that, makes other cities look bad, raises questions, so the better thing, they think, would be to just make Portland's "best water" reputation go away.

Draining the lake for no good reason is part of the campaign.

But are Portlanders buying it?  Clearly not.  It's a joke.