Sunday, March 13, 2005

Statistics Channel

The title is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as no marketing department would entitle a TV channel as such. However, the idea is good: a tape loop of intriguing data visualizations, about big picture matters.

The subject matter might be geological i.e. the timeline might be relatively huge. Like, did you know there was likely an age of "mammals" prior to the age of dinosaurs? The evidence is compelling. Also: the comet or asteroid (I forget which) that wiped out the dinos likely hit in the Gulf of Mexico. The tsunami was huge.

Other times, the subjects'd be more contemporary/local, e.g. pictures of the global electrical grid (present and projected).

A purpose of this channel is to help humans unify around some common challenges. The carbon dioxide level is global. Just as weather reports help remind people of a local geography, perhaps a national or regional identity, so might a "statistics channel" remind people of Spaceship Earth, and our responsibilities as a species.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Consolidation Phase

The cosmic fishing process involves two major phases (not including maintenance and repair, getting to the site etc.): casting the net, pulling in the net. In more agricultural terms: we sew, we reap.

The two essays linked below are integrative, consolidating. I'm reaping, hauling in some fish.

Essay 1: Forms of Life
Essay 2: Simple Language Games

Followup (March 17, 2005):

Essay 3: Forms of Life (continued)
Essay 4: The Concentric Hierarchy

The content is philosophical, but you need philosophy if your goal is to have a lot of overview. And here in the Control Room, overview is definitely what we're about.

Applewhite expressed some satisfaction over my Fuller- Wittgenstein bridge, a construction I talked over with Jay Baldwin at some length as well, that time we met in San Jose. Lots of positive synergies here.