Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Consolidation Phase

The cosmic fishing process involves two major phases (not including maintenance and repair, getting to the site etc.): casting the net, pulling in the net. In more agricultural terms: we sew, we reap.

The two essays linked below are integrative, consolidating. I'm reaping, hauling in some fish.

Essay 1: Forms of Life
Essay 2: Simple Language Games

Followup (March 17, 2005):

Essay 3: Forms of Life (continued)
Essay 4: The Concentric Hierarchy

The content is philosophical, but you need philosophy if your goal is to have a lot of overview. And here in the Control Room, overview is definitely what we're about.

Applewhite expressed some satisfaction over my Fuller- Wittgenstein bridge, a construction I talked over with Jay Baldwin at some length as well, that time we met in San Jose. Lots of positive synergies here.