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Control Room Simulator

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Tibet TV

Recent screenshots.  From Facebook.


His Holiness...


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

GST for Dummies

I think all will agree that a planet, any planet, is an instance of a system. An open system. Here's my question: does it make sense to apply the concept of Entropy to a planet? In principle. Doesn't have to be a question about Earth.

More specifically: can a planet be Syntropic i.e. Negentropic?

Or is that a meaningless question?

I ran this by a list of physics teachers awhile back and didn't seem to reach a consensus, but maybe I posed the question wrongly. The question above is a new attempt to phrase it more correctly.

If you know the right Youtube to answer my question, I'm open to any all suggestions in that regard. Thoughts?

Like I've heard some people invoke the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics to explain why worsening conditions for Humans in Universe over the next 10K years is a necessary consequence. Of course that's not correct, as a planet may in principle harvest the free energy around it, if an open system, and capitalize on the grant income.

For further reading:
GST [1][2][3]

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Mind Control

I have no ethical problems with consenting adults getting together and agreeing to take some personality test (say OCEAN) that shrinks each to a set of numbers.  Then feed those numbers as machine learning features, paired with one extra Y, such as "voted for...", such as "preferred to purchase...". Do we have a model? Did we discover some predictability?  Not?

What data scientists sometimes ignore or forget to study is whether outliers in one study might be outliers in another or, put another way, are those least predictable (a measurable trait) in turn predictive? Lots of mythology swirls around this question. The predictably unpredictable, the anomalous, do they exist and, if so, what do they teach us?

You might call this an artificial intelligence class, with the twist being our question: so just how artificial is our intelligence, anyway?  Are we all really phonies?  There's some fear of that, which psychoanalysts raised in saying they could predict our lot in life on the basis of our relationship with the mother, or per some other archetype.

But that's astrology in a nutshell: shrink me down to some numbers. Comforting. Back to OCEAN.

I know what you're thinking: we already know OCEAN is predictive and that's what Cambridge Analytica used to tip the election to Trump and blame the Russians.  That's why Facebook was duped, then later took the fall, accused of being too greedy or too loose with its data or whatever.

Americans are stuck believing their every belief is in a database somewhere, and that these beliefs make them predictable, pliable, dupable. That's disturbing.

No one likes learning, from machine learning, that they're a machine.

My response is no, we don't know any of that.  The mythology of marketing and PR is to create an aura of all-knowingness, if that's your line of business (omniscience sells by the "square" they tell me), creates a swirl of doubt around what the true state of psychology is.

What is the state of the art?  With uncertainty so much a tool in the toolbox, how could we know?

The uncertainty principle is not about minimization in psychology, as it is in physics.  The squid ink of purposeful juxtaposition of intended states is what keeps the whole situation fluid, and that's a plus when you're hoping to hover above any literal meaning, indefinitely.

I'd happily join other grad students in this experiment, with or without the Float On floatation tanks. Float On, a nearby business in Asylum District, has also ventured into publishing, resharing some of the John C. Lilly works, on telepathy with dolphins.

I know that's all fringe culture silly stuff, but thar  (as in them thar hills) is where the pirates encode their secret treasures.

Monday, June 15, 2020

A Bridge Over Troubled Water


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My Youtube channel conceit (that's an OK thing to have in literary criticism) is I'm designing curriculum for an Elite Quaker School (warning: stereotype), like Sidwell or one of those. I've got the New England Transcendentalism going, but also Pound and Poe. So yeah, heavy on the humanities but with a bridge from Xanadu across the C.P. Snow Chasm, to STEM, land of the Stemites (not a typo). That bridge is made of C6XTY it seems, a commercial product or artwork or something mirage-like and shimmery, on the brink of esoteric to the point of occult.

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A Ramanujan Identity

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More Sausage (as seen on Facebook)

Regarding this "news" article.

"The documents were obtained through the Dossier Center, a London-based investigative project funded by Russian opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky. NBC News has not independently verified the materials, but forensic analysis by the Dossier Center appeared to substantiate the communications."

Somehow dossiers from England don't impress me anymore. We've made too many wrong turns based on "British intelligence". I'm going to use this story as more evidence of British meddling and plans to keep inflaming Russophobia within the North American psyche.

Because they use the word "forensic" they think we sheeple should be impressed. The Mueller Report is already a big part of the history going forward. Any high school history class that doesn't bring up Guccifer 2 is totally bogus in my view, I laugh in their general direction (Monty Python allusion). NBC stinks of police state and militarism very distinctly. That's a network I no longer hold in high esteem, right down there with CNN.

I'm still loyal to CBS though.