Wednesday, June 24, 2020

GST for Dummies

I think all will agree that a planet, any planet, is an instance of a system. An open system. Here's my question: does it make sense to apply the concept of Entropy to a planet? In principle. Doesn't have to be a question about Earth.

More specifically: can a planet be Syntropic i.e. Negentropic?

Or is that a meaningless question?

I ran this by a list of physics teachers awhile back and didn't seem to reach a consensus, but maybe I posed the question wrongly. The question above is a new attempt to phrase it more correctly.

If you know the right Youtube to answer my question, I'm open to any all suggestions in that regard. Thoughts?

Like I've heard some people invoke the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics to explain why worsening conditions for Humans in Universe over the next 10K years is a necessary consequence. Of course that's not correct, as a planet may in principle harvest the free energy around it, if an open system, and capitalize on the grant income.

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