Saturday, January 09, 2021


These crazy rioters, egged on by a tiny cabal of true believers in authority, including the president and General Flynn, symbolize the energy that swept Trump into office four years ago. Pizzagate. Conspiracy mindedness.

However, rather than face the mental illness, Russia was blamed, I think by untrusted sources, e.g. CrowdStrike and Fusion GPS.

Going further back, the conspiracy theory that Saddam had something to do with 911 and was plotting to nuke the US, was just as nutty, and was the thinking encouraged by Condoleezza and her crowd. 

Trump incited a crazy populace to storm the Capitol. Cheney incited a crazy populace to trash a hundred palaces and ransack an entire country. I don't see how that was more sane.

We've been without leadership since at least the Reagan Years, when we discovered lunatic nut cases like Ollie North (General Flynn's prototype) were secretly running "US" foreign policy.

The USA (1776 - 1983) descended into Fake Government during the Grunch Consolidation Period (GCP), bringing us to where we are today, to our new world disorder (NWD).