Saturday, March 21, 2009

From the Top

The plan in these blogs has been to surround the nonprofit sector, which includes military services (but not to the exclusion of others), with R&D aimed at improving effectiveness, already the norm.

However, our civilian "livingry" in being prototypical of spreading lifestyle options, attracts public focus in the form of reality television with product placements. The entertainment sector serves a bridging function here, helps people participate in the dream weaving.

Concomitant to the above is a recruitment drive for designers, artists, and of course engineers. Finding the right curricula to match our goal spaces remains a challenge. I've been urging a mix of object oriented programming and spatial geometry, with sufficient attention to recent advances in pedagogy and andragogy, including some streamlining metaphysics (philosophy talk).

These kinds of dreams have a long history and track record, especially if you factor in pioneering encampments and deployments of the recent past, along with nomadic and pilgrimage activities (today called "tourism" by the travel industry). The prospect of expanding habitats onto and under the oceans has guided much of the science fiction.

My principal focus has been providing new health care options in the form of remote communities, not "cut off" from the rest of the world, but secluded and therefore more in control of their own influences. These might be clinics, places to work through PTSD, retreat centers for voluntary associations. I haven't tried to be the comprehensive development planner, beyond envisioning a kind of shared context.

Getting a footprint for object oriented mathematics using inspired forms of futurism is a recruiting goal, given the feedback, which suggests we're currently turning off students in droves pre-college, steering them away from engineering and/or technology tracks.

The perception that engineers work in faceless bureaucracies, mostly for Dr. Evil types who plan and build WMDs, is not without basis in fact. We've had an uphill battle so far, countering this PR nightmare. A fleet of "circus buses" was proposed, to tickle the positive futurist fantasies of school kids more directly. Sponsors were sought.