Tuesday, March 03, 2009

From a Cult HQS

I'm simmering down, practicing consilience, having entered one of our temples to Athena.

Over on Synergeo, I've been practicing my Great Rambo Head strut and puffery, amping up the decibels on my air guitar, the better to kiss my purple private sky. My fans expect it. Tarot deck: the Jester Jihadist. Beatles on the speakers here, covered by another group, sounds religious (shades of Sun Ra).

Here's a conciliatory paragraph from my outbox, hyperlinks added:
I'm not fighting Coxeter though, think he was gracious enough to step aside and see what the younger generation would do, and what they did is what we did: we developed a really decent body of work, complete with Chakovian coordinates, elastic interval geometry, flextegrity, tensegrity, your modular studies, Hargattais' stuff, Yashushi's and so on and on, i.e. we were stellar, and all took inspiration from Fuller's stunning success.
I slam dunked my plane reservation for Chicago today, looking forward to a reunion of sorts. Although I was instantly approved for the new Expedia credit card, I won't be eligible for the discount on this purchase, used the usual business Visa.

Speaking of Visa, I had the friendly waiter guy bill me in advance, as I have to bolt at a moment's notice, as on-call chauffeur, ISEPP escort etc. Yes, we could use computer science to harp on Incompleteness, but why not capture video directly from the philosophy department, where we know this stuff cold?