Friday, March 06, 2009

Shipping Jobs Overseas?

An AFL/CIO canvasser just came to my door, working the neighborhood. I shared some of my worries about finding people with "the right stuff", echoing some recent correspondence with other math teachers:
We know K-12 is terribly broken and is in the control of know-nothings, but there's nothing much we can do about it except take jobs overseas. Obama wants to punish us for doing that, whereas I say let him deliver that "world class education" he promised, and start using FOSS on commodity hardware and throw out those stupid hamster-brained TIs...

Out here on the Pacific Rim, we just can't afford to stay in the 1900s sucking our thumbs, although they're trying that in California, given that girly-man governor they've got.
Of course that's just an insider joke about the Governor of California. I do tend to rant about calculators a lot, as a bottleneck in developing new curricula around STEM subjects (cite Chicago Talk, Pycon 2008).

My point: in many cases, we're attempting to lure opportunities to our region, in areas where our candidates either already match the job qualifications in terms of skills, or would be affordably trainable.

Like other developing economies, we seek long term investors, collaborators, partners in development.

We're looking to bring jobs from overseas, not keep them from leaving i.e. they're not here to begin with.