Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bitter Debates

I'm aware of two especially bitter debates these days, one macro, one micro -- letting you decide which is which.

Some neocons don't like the USA's plans to help the Middle East inter-connect its electrical grids, more like in North America, with Texas sort of like Iran in being a source of new power plants. No one wants more weaponized nukes obviously, but as the submarines have shown, it's possible to run these things without going Chernobyl. More hydroelectric might also be usable, depending on grid configuration. I'm not the expert in the room on these topics. Write to GENI maybe?

Likewise, some MIT trained computer scientists are looking askance at what's been happening in computer science at their alma mater. What had been a Scheme based introductory class, a common gateway to geekiness, has turned to Pythonic robotics as more anticipatory of tomorrow's working environment. That may be what industry is planning, but many "old skool" engineers miss that "close to the metal" feel.

The good news is if the new approach is successful in recruiting newcomers to computer science, then there's plenty of time left to dive into LISP and/or Scheme. Just one course does not a meal make. Plus if you don't want to go in that direction, you've still learned some Python, and that's a plus on your resume I'd say, admitting bias.