Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mens Fashions

I was somewhat self conscious today, haunting the hallways of hospitals, as is my wont, what they pay me for, some days, because I had on these supersized Men's Warehouse pantaloons, buckled way high (under a fleece fortunately), like in these old movies, wherein guys seemed to think that was cool.

In fact, an entourage of suited doctors walked by me this afternoon (I recognized at least one of the stars), and what I noticed is they still seemed older than I, which is how I'm used to thinking of doctors (and so, reassuring), whereas, demographically speaking, I'm older than most of those practicing (still disconcerting at times).

In a much younger generation (downline from mine), we find a strong backlash against trousers with high waistlines, with lots of underwear showing, very other end of the spectrum. How do they not trip?

Fashion folk often speak in terms of women's hem lines, but guy styles change too. I remember those doofy swimsuits, like in that movie about runners in the UK, lots of slow mo and pedantic music (yawn).

So in this skit I'm imagining, we get the pants really high again (arm holes?), but make the deep voiced guys all way serious, major authoritarians, planning their big ass warfare or something (hey, must be a hot task force). The laugh track can't stop laughing -- they just look soooo ridiculous.

On the topic of laugh tracks, I often say "laugh track!" when I hear one, helping my daughter pick up those critical viewing habits my generation takes for granted. Learn to hear when it's canned. Of course that can get annoying after awhile, so I've learned to restrain myself, maybe just mumble something.

North Americans like to project on these "other societies" as patronizingly totalitarian (North Korea especially), but what could be more like "mind control" than these vast armies of ghoulish zombies (hungry for sitcoms mostly), keeping us amused in front of our televisions (very Matrix), letting us know when it's OK to laugh out loud (LOL).

I don't know if I'll make Art Spiegalman's presentation at The Bagdad tonight, but I'm certainly aware of it (thanks Derek) and of its topical appropriateness within our ToonTown context.

Happy birthday John Lennon, we're baking cupcakes in your honor.

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