Monday, October 06, 2008

Some Missing History

What a lot of columnists are not recalling, or choosing not to recall, for whatever reasons, was an earlier bid for the vice presidency, by a woman, who ran specifically for that office (had this ever been tried?), not knowing in advance whom her running mate might be.

I'm speaking of course of Barbara Marx Hubbard, a name almost as scary as Obama's in some circles, although "Hubbard" sounds comfortingly "old mother" to Anglo-tuned ears.

Barbara was much encouraged by the space program, at last some of that utopian science fiction coming true in her lifetime. She wouldn't have minded serving with John Glenn I'd wager.

That's all water under the bridge by now, but it's interesting how the mass media is riddled with blind spots when it comes to history, with only faint glimmerings of Vietnam now and then (everyone knows what a swift boat is maybe -- actually, I've forgotten already).

Dad volunteered for her campaign for awhile; I got to go to her house.

Barbara is a huge Bucky fan, well known among futurists. As politicians dare to sound more positive notes, you get hints of that era. Then they turn all ugly and idiotic again, back to the present, with these vast moron armies of journalist just repeating each other, each good doobie foot soldier trying to make it more salacious and/or scandalous than it already is, shilling for those various brands of dog pooh.