Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some Prehistory

:: exhibit A ::
A close business associate was recently questioning me as to which web sites I'd done, and I boasted of both solo and group efforts, citing 4dsolutions.net and grunch.net in particular.

However, in the context of boning up for this IEEE talk I'm delivering, I've had to flaunt some credentials, otherwise why waste our time, is the attitude, so I trucked out bfi.org as another collaborative effort, in this case with Kiyoshi Kuromiya, Bucky's adjuvant on some important works.

So here's a screen shot for the blog (above), of just the home page, dug out of the Way Back Machine (archive.org), last updated November 6, 1996. I gave up my spot to a successor shortly thereafter, the plan all along, as I envisioned the BFI webmaster role as subject to rotation, likely influenced by standard Quaker practice.

Here's the bio we're using:

Kirby Urner started exploring Fuller's work in earnest following his earning a BA in philosophy from Princeton University, while serving as a high school math teacher in Jersey City. He's served as a contributing editor for McGraw-Hill, Rockefeller Center, political activist for Project VOTE! in Washington DC, and computer programmer for myriad governmental and nonprofit organizations in Greater Portland. Working in cahoots with Kiyoshi Kuromiya, Fuller's lieutenant on a couple key books, he snagged the domain name bfi.org and served as the Buckminster Fuller Institute's first web wrangler. His 'Synergetics on the Web' is one of the main stops for Bucky scholars to this day ( http://www.grunch.net/synergetics ). Kirby is an IEEE Member.
Speaking of collaborative sites, it was an honor serving to administrate the Python in Education page within Python.org (not doing that anymore), and giving some marginal support to Nirel with her Metahead project with Wwwanderers.org -- both opportunities to work with some brilliant and talented people.