Thursday, October 02, 2008

On Tap

I interviewed a potential recruit recently, with experience in Uzbekistan and El Salvador, in triage, ER, and logistics. She has a chip on her shoulder with do gooder USA type MDs though, and their prima donna "need to check my email" attitude in the midst of battlefield conditions.

Doctors without borders from other necks of the wood aren't so full of themselves usually.

I know some good doctors though, mentioned International Medical Teams.

The interview was reminiscent of my meeting at Noah's Bagels with Kimmerly, talking about OLPC and Darfur. In both cases, the goal was to remain headquartered in PDX, joining "away team" missions.

Razz made it through DEQ on her first try no problemo.

I'm heading into this conference on The Future of Friends, another Quarterly, like last year's. Don't expect a lot of blogging for the duration. M4B with Ron Marson expected.

I'm on tap through IEEE for giving a talk on Bucky at the Armory this fall, looking forward. I'm also picking up some new Python proteges for "piano lessons" (laptops are like musical instruments, more like guitars maybe?).