Thursday, October 16, 2008

Space Room

Sometimes I bounce ideas off HR people, looking for reality checks.

Will these covens of coder chyx aka geek grrls we're finding, scattered across cities, have the networking skills to feed the hungry maw of socially responsible NGOs?

Or for-profit coffee shops for that matter?

These days, young males with say Python kung fu are in a sellers' market, have the luxury of hunkering down to pinch hit on sexy projects, only to move on when the going gets rough. True team players are harder to find.

I shared about my difficult experience at Free Geek. One learns from one's mistakes though, or prays to.

Happy Hour @ Space Room on Hawthorne, a somewhat retro environment. We had Bloody Marys with appetizers.

Good seeing Lee J. again too, retired statistician, wrote part of SPSS.