Thursday, August 06, 2009

Walking with Walker

Lindsey and I met @ Pauling House for a stroll around Sunnyside, mostly between Hawthorne and Belmont. We checked out Movie Madness, but both of us were into to saving our pennies. I eyed the gum machine ($0.25), thought the better of it.

Her work at Bike Farm is gradually materializing the self-contained bicycle with trailer rig, for transporting the Yamaha in a colorful branded waterproof bag. This would take her to Good Bye Party gigs, rehearsals in progress. The bike itself actually comes from a garden.

I shared about Kerala, followed up with some links. Here's a niche market where civilians do pretty well for themselves (could do better of course) by applying their native smarts. We also talked about peak oil, some of the distopian prophesies floating around. I think Americans specialize in apocalyptic visions, a lot like the English in that way (the Christian influence?).

Whenever Portlanders sound too cocky, it pays to think of such "more with less" places. Neither of us was feeling that cocky though. This economy is a bummer. We're likely eligible for food stamps, though I haven't signed up for 'em (should cancel Netflix first).

On the good news front, Oregon's Newport is slated to become a federal research center into matters maritime, fits with cleaning out those old nets (underwater and deadly). We're also on track to become one of Nissan's electric car testing zones (front page story today).

Lindsey's strong baritone and edgy production values have people asking for more. She's being generous with her public appearances, as one must be at the outset of a new career (she'd been into servicing company aircraft, from a back office IT angle in Savannah), but I expect will see more studio time down the road. Jimmy Lott might have some pointers (another neighbor and friend).

I'm hoping to produce some kind of event at the Multnomah Meetinghouse on October 2nd, around issues that matter to young people. To me, that means amplified music and I'm hoping Lindsey's emerging connections in several venues, including in Portland's FOSS culture, will help me, a boomer-geezer (and by extension ISEPP) stay connected with the thirty-somethings and younger.

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