Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pelosi's War (Editorial)

Clearly the liberal Democrats have every intention of escalating in Afghanistan, per campaign promises to feed the war machine in that area. Of course the Republicans would have done the same, as both parties are rooted in congressional districts with mouths to feed and weaning oneself off the military-industrial tit is something neither party is prepared to engage in, at least not yet and not now ("there's always tomorrow" -- the big lie in politics, as sometimes it's too late (journalists know these as deadlines)).

Liberal Protestants are uncomfortable being in power, have a hard time seeing themselves that way, as "to protest" is to feel like a "power out" who "sucks up" to power. The neocons were more comfortable stridently asserting "we're it" (i.e. the best and the brightest, and in power to boot) whereas clearly they weren't, were just another nightmarish species of incompetent goon, another ideological experiment gone sadly awry.

So what does one do with a "superpower" out of control, with neither side into peace, justice or anything close? There's always the funding angle. Incentives to build schools, pave roads, civilian infrastructure, including right here in North America, could tempt some patriotic districts to participate in Operation Rebuild the USA versus the current Democracy at Gun Point (a first person shooter). Military personnel include many competent engineers, skilled teachers. We could use those skills and services, know-how around logistics, in a less self-destructive capacity.

Liberals have the weakest discourse because they profess to be "for peace" but mostly indulge in hypocrisy. We have no one in the streets. The huge troop levels in Iraq are not coming down. These are the same Bush Era policies but now the Party of Protest has majorities everywhere, so it's back to a more Clinton-like period, where poverty is allowed to fester at home, while the treasury is opened to corporate marauders intent upon cultivating a vast army of enemies overseas. Never mind neither Iraqis nor the Taliban had much if anything to do with 911. Explaining one's actions is not the goal here, simply business as usual, under whatever convenient pretense or cover.