Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some Analysis

[from some email to an AFSC-friendly Quaker, hyperlinks added ]

Republicans are projected as big daddy richie rich figures to which rebellious teenager Democrats say "end the war" well knowing they will fail i.e. Republicans in power means keeping "the war" going.

But then when daddy Republican is in the back seat, Democrat teenagers stop thinking about the war and selfishly focus on domestic concerns like health care and recession, because they too need "the war" to keep going (for economic reasons).

In other words, neither the left nor the right applies any real brakes in this picture, because of that shared "we are a superpower" ideology (aka the Eisenhower-diagnosed "military-industrial complex", akin to mad cow).

This superpower complex (a "meme virus") is then acted out per "the sorrows of empire" as Chalmers Johnson puts it (mom organized a guest speaking event for him). The left and right appear to oppose one another, but really they're enablers of a common dysfunctional world model, a psychological disorder (WMBS?).

Again, welcome home to Portland,