Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Drug Wars

I'm finding Law Enforcement Against Prohibition to be doing far more effective PR than NPYM Quakers in their 2008 minute on this topic.

The NPYM Quakers urge decriminalizing marijuana use but still want to prosecute growers and sellers.
We also call for decriminalization of drug use and possession, though not production or sale, in order to end the injustice...
How is that consistent (or just) I wonder?

MJ should already be legally available by now, through any OLCC certified outlet. End Prohibition.

Treat minors differently sure (we already do), by teaching good health habits in school (anyone doing that, in our Fast Food Nation?).

In general I'm concerned that Quakers have dumbed themselves down to become just another sect of bland Protestant (blech). Lets hope they snap out of it.

We're suffering from a "high geezer quotient" in PNW Quaker circles.

The boomers have grown into 1950s style Good Doobies (aka Squares), a tiresome breed inheriting from those teacuppy Victorians.