Saturday, February 06, 2010

Posting to Wanderers List

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I appreciate your comments below Allen.

The problem here is we're all POWs, prisoners of wars we can't seem to get out of. It's not just a matter of a few people suckered in by video games.

Ironically, I think some people in the military are acutely aware of the problem, as they're trained to think about security and there's nothing secure about trashing infrastructure and wasting fuel when the world is in dire need of both.

What's missing from today's "civilization" is any shared vision of a positive future. Some of the oil rich states are attempting that, but so far it's just a playground for the rich disneyland vibe, not dissing Walt as I think EPCOT was a bold vision, before it got dumbed down and renamed to Epcot....

Keith's mega-projects are at least positive and philanthropic. Fuller's idea of Old Man River City was certainly apropos after Katrina, as it was built on the model of a huge sports stadium (domed of course).

However, given the investments that were never made, the only recourse was to use actual sports stadiums, a disaster. The stark contrast of where we are, and where we could be if not hell bent on squandering, is what we need to focus on, with an eye towards getting back on track.

What it comes down to is investment i.e. where do you put your energy and time. If there's not a positive future vision out there, then people default into fear, fall victim to fear mongering, which fuels investments in those very technologies that further deprive us of hope and options.

Where do I put my energy and time? Good question. For what it's worth, I've been collaborating on getting the Synergetics entry more fleshed out on Wikipedia. It was languishing as a stub page, and before that as a footnote to a different Synergetics entry (Haken's). Feedback welcome.