Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fear Mongering

I'm seeing all those worries about Iran, but then I'm thinking the diplomatic corps has been amply endowed with all the raw materials necessary to implement confidence building measures.

We don't just want better nuclear medicine in Iran, we want a stronger power grid feeding the Middle East, including states with no right to exist (all of them).

Don't blame the religions for not getting along, as I think those problems have been mostly resolved. You've got a bunch of weak kneed politicians running around drumming up fears, but that's hardly to work for one's pay. If fear mongering is all you've got, why not just admit to incompetence and gracefully announce retirement?

OK, harsh words from the peanut gallery, I admit it. However, the "give peace a chance" meme didn't start with me. Lots of great ideas for geodesic mosques, worth trying, Allah would like it I bet. Many interesting civilizational innovations ahead. To ramp up towards war is definitely anti-Christian, as well as anti-Muslim etc. I wouldn't go running to the corner guru for an excuse.

Wallowing in the nuclear weapons world is just poorly thought out. We need to stop proliferating, obviously, but we also need to keep cutting back, decommissioning. It's a long slow process and requires ongoing verification.

Iran is neither the first nor the last player at this table, just one more among many. So let's get on with the real work of disarmament, starting with the big powers as usual.