Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Essays

I have two major new essays in circulation, regarding:
(a) analytic philosophy and its potentially catalyzing role post linguistic turn (Nietzsche - Wittgenstein):

Re: Rorty's Sins (some autobio, WittrsAMR)
(b) the relevance of an executable logic with types, when it comes to learning concepts like multiplication really well:

Multiplication and the Importance of Types (math-teach at Math Forum).
By "logic with types" I simply mean a computer language mirroring mathematical objects already in the pantheon: types of number, polynomials, vectors, matrices... things that add and maybe multiply.

What I'm suggesting in (a) is that we encourage more philosophers to look over the hedge into the computer science neighborhood, where we suffer from logjams and stalled stories, at a cost to Global U students everywhere.

Our curriculum is in a shambles. Here we are in 2010, with stronger than ever 3D projection techniques, and yet spatial geometry is still in the dumpster. Thanks to "duck typing" I'm prone to blame quacks, but that's a pretty generic response to a dire situation. We should get more focused.

Reviewing my own essay (b) on Math Forum on Synergeo, I wrote:
About as clear as it gets, when it comes to encapsulating an approach, spelling out the whys and wherefores... Note the last section is a not-so-veiled allusion to the synergetics concentric hierarchy.

No kite this time, but you might imagine one as two sytes, somewhere on the menu.
We're enjoying a steely gray day in Portland, with lots of cold rain.

A neighborhood representative came by with the Richmond newsletter and we discussed gardening strategies. The truth about Portland is it's hard to go wrong, and people try many things, most of which work, in one way or another.

Alexia zipped through to use wifi between appointments.

Glenn and I are on tap through Free School, as teachers of Neolithic and Martian math respectively. The control room collective acts as a dispatcher, books venues, like on SE Belmont or wherever. Our next gig is in March.

Twinning (POV-Ray)
python + povray
(feb 23, 2010)