Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crazy Busy

I was wigging out on Facebook, between praying for Pat and Aunt Betty, Aunt Evelyn, dear friends. Because of this looming ski trip. Who were the adults? Tara was organizing skillfully, but teens deserve role models. I greatly appreciate those stepping up to the plate. I'm less stressed in that dimension.

LW is loading the company car for another fundraiser. I'm likely out the door in a different direction, but that's for the future to bring.

I checked in with Dr. Tag earlier, walking to and from. She was expecting to overlap with some Mercy Corps staffer, with news from Haiti, insider perspective.

I at least conveyed the good news about our green light for the math teachers (talking about those kites at the NCTM website): you're officially free to teach our Renaissance shoptalk, in tandem with standard fare. Be generous with those polyhedra, why not? Think geodesic.

Spice it up, share the lore, build bridges to other ethnicities.

Math is about reaching out, not just introspecting. Philosophy that much more so.

Midnight gardening anyone? Sounds kinda kooky I realize, but the front side pile, the result of a welcome thwacking, was just calling out for attention -- of a kind I don't need.

So I filled a thistle bin, hauled some twigs (giant ones), moved stuff around. It's not like we're over-staffed or anything. I do what I'm able, as a man of modest skills, still trainable.

Thank you to well wishers, co-conspirators, hangers on. Blessed be.