Sunday, December 28, 2008

Game Night

Even though I'm still coughing some, I was able to venture out with Matt last night for a game night (plus we listened to a musical score in progress, a somewhat game-like activity (a language game)).

Some of these beautiful dark Italian women, maybe Jewish, turn out to be Irish, you never know. We were a talented crew, somewhat blindingly fast in our game of Apples 'n Apples.

I was semi-professorial
with my usual rant about not watching Al Jazeera on DirecTV and so not knowing about the S-300s aka Gargoyles they want us to care about (probably a good idea).

Of course as a Quaker, I'm not expected to know anything about such things, so it's OK I don't watch. Demented cartoons not teaching anything about Fuller's geometry are another specialty of mine, right next to not watching Al Jazeera.

I'm a collector of blind spots.

There's a fine line between surveillance, anthropology, and planning a location shoot. In sending an Immersive Media dodecacam, a person to go with it, to a place like Darfur (per storyboard) we're not trying to break the "visiting ET" sensibility: yes we're not from around here, no we don't have all the answers, yes we'd like conditions to improve.

Practice in the Gorge
first, like with that stealth boat, like with Dignity Village (amidst PDX country clubs). People around here are used to what's strange (Keep Portland Weird, we say, meaning more than just Portland).