Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fuller Archive

Bucky and Werner
bucky fuller and werner erhard (link)
Stanford special collection
Having recently visited the Linus Pauling special collection at OSU, I've got a better idea of what a state of the art archive is like.

Plus on CBS News tonight we heard some newly released Nixon-Kissinger sound bites from the National Archive, getting me wondering what else might be in there.

Dick Fischbeck on Synergeo has been posting links into the Fuller Archive, which requires free registration to get a login. We're getting more access to audio and video, as well as static documents.

I've already had to adjust my internal time line some, as I often tell my story as if Erhard started tracking Bucky sometime after I'd been through his est program, yet as this screen shot proves, those two were already hitting it off in 1977, me then a freshman at Princeton.

It's good to get these reality checks. Good record keeping helps us learn our own past, study our heritage.