Monday, December 01, 2008

Trevor's Talk

Smooth driving conditions from north of Seattle meant arriving in plenty of time to (a) give Carol my cell, hers lost, for some important conference call and (b) make it to Trevor's talk at Portland Center Stage, in advance of the Bucky play.

Trevor's illuminating thesis is that Fuller's intuition (mind) had his Bucky puppet (brain) boldly operating years ahead, in terms of featuring behavioral innovations.

For example, his Chronofile seemed weirdly egocentric at the time, yet now people Twitter, leave records in Facebook, blog, post to Flickr, and don't take much flak for it.

He did something to keep in shape we'd today call "jogging" plus learned some advanced sleep techniques, both from observing the dog family (wolf medicine).

His three wrist watches prefigured today's time-zone aware models.

His steak-intensive approach to losing weight, was what later became known as the Atkins.

His use of BUCKY for a unique pre-Internet global telex address prefigured a living standard involving private email addresses.

The Geoscope anticipates Google Earth and so on.

Finally, the very idea of "Bucky" was a kind of identity branding (4D Syndicate, Dymaxion... Grunch) which today we understand as the "rock star" way to go, the kind of thing any artist might do for self marketing purposes, as more of their art.

In sum, over two generations ago, Bucky was already practicing the thinking and behaviors of our own day and lifestyle, as a result of his own life-long quest for greater effectiveness as a solution provider for omnihumanity.

I enjoyed comparing notes with Tim DuRoche about this and that, and with Heather, just back from a trip to Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Reno. We talked about casinos some, including about my recent tour.

Upon returning home, I see our Pycon workshop Python for Teachers, co-presenting with Steve Holden, has been approved for inclusion in the final lineup, woo hoo!