Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Watching from a Distance

I'm too busy prepping for class to really follow all the action, which is fast-paced.

So that wasn't nighttime footage, of the boat Trump phoned Fox about?

Or was it that the suspicious boat was rendering aid, in response to a distress call, by removing a mine put there by someone else? 

Clearly it was the right boat for the job (of mine removal, if that's what was happening). 

Maybe they acted boldly ("bizarrely brazen") because they imagined they were part of the rescue effort? 

If the mine is going to leave lots of evidence of itself anyway, then trying to grab it on camera is hardly a way to "cover one's tracks".  That's just leading someone back from the scene of "the crime".

Did the observers follow the suspicious boat? Where did it go when it left?  They know its name.  They say it met up with a tug boat.  And then?   That's one more boat in the story.

Someone on Facebook sent me this timeline.  At least one version of events is starting to gel.

Removing a mine from a ship is in itself an act of bravery. Coming back to retrieve a dud? How does the photographic evidence prove that theory?  What ties the removal crew to the placement crew?