Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Does the DCI Agree?

FB friend:

? Tulsi Gabbard ? Not sure who she is beyond Wikipedia. Had not heard of her before she declared. What have I missed?


I'm going around saying Tulsi is indeed favored by the Kremlin so don't you believe those dino DNC types who still insist the Russians are Trump supporters. The point of the Trump Tower meetup was to discuss Magnitsky Act, at which point WaPo / NYT immediately tune out, as the goal is to focus on collusion against Hillary, not behind the scenes oligarch wars ala Browder.

Anyway, Tulsi is the obvious favorite on RT, and there's no reason to hire troll farms to make that clear, not when you have your very own CNN (i.e. propaganda machine). But unlike Matt Taibbi, I don't scream "McCarthyism" when NYT points out the Russians are backing a Hindu Hawaiian with no chance to win.

Free Assange and Manning, support blockchain voting, legalize weed, stop regime change wars, stop letting CIA run foreign policy (that's her "stop funding terrorists" bill). Two times service in Iraq, active duty in Hawaiian national guard. Proud of her Hawaiian heritage, like Obama.

My view is she's way too good to waste on a forlorn sorry office like the US presidency (designed for sickos these days), but at least we can take away the DNC crutch, of making Trump out to be Putin's favorite. No way. And so why are we afraid of the Russians again, when they're clearly backing a candidate with no chance to win?