Friday, June 07, 2019

Tracking Anglophobes

Russian Art Museum

Kind of like Chuck Fager, prolific publisher of materials relating to our Sociedade Religiosa dos Amigos, I track the Lyndon LaRouche affiliated organizations (and anti ones too, some of them).

To be fair, I track the Nader founded Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), such as OSPIRG (which I've supported).  Nader is an alum of the same university.  I've been at events with the guy.

In other words, I'm not saying I use "track" in a negative sense.  It means "pay attention to" or "is on my radar".  I admit to not tracking much more than I track, such is the finitude of one's radar. Omniscient are us, not.

Lyndon, of Quaker heritage (like US president Nixon), developed a sustained anti-British polemic centering around London's Venetian heritage, going back to Phoenicians (aka Puns).  He distrusts their way of banking.

Ergo, when I'm wanting to tap into anti-Brit sentiment, a check in with LaRouchePAC.  Indeed, they're out on the streets with signage, in some cases, telling some Youtube journalist with a camera what they're on about.

As is to be expected, they're all about Trump staying friendly with Putin, which on a personal level has not been a problem.

Those who would appear to wish to throw a monkey wrench into this relationship, get singled out for special invective.