Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Truck Stop Based Futurism

[ originally a social media conversation with architect John Driscoll ]

Interesting how Cybernetics (like Synergetics) became more twilight zone after these authors (Alan Turing, John von Neuman, Ross Ashby, Norbert Weiner, and Herbert Simon, Stephen Wolfram). 

Like who champions this discipline today, or General Systems Theory for that matter, ala Kenneth Boulding et al? 

Did computer science get sidetracked somehow, in failing to come together with architecture? In addition to individual buildings, are the plans for camps, colonies, communities (bases, villages, forts) i.e. multi-structure agglomerations that might or might not be planned. 

If planned, by what algorithms? Fractal dimensions come in again.

In my science fiction development banking, truck stops play a big role, as hubs in a campus system, where citizen diplomats have opportunities for R&R, including for religious services and classes, eat, sleep, games, multi-functional. 

We have our standard image of what a truck stop looks like.

A lot of people are expecting all that trucking to become automated, however I see a rapidly growing freeway system from deep inside China to the Indian Ocean and Europe.

Africa is planning more freeways. We need more tourism as a lifestyle, including by working tours of duty, involving truck driving around the world. That would kill two [virtual] birds, as they say.

It's another way to see the world, while working, which we could consciously shape and design versus ignore as beneath our calling.

Why not have Cybernetics and General Systems Theory both come alive with global trucking and inter-modal transportation a central theme, unifying maritime architecture with land-lubber architecture?