Monday, April 29, 2019

Meanwhile: TV as Usual

Crazy TV: the nutcase killer is lionized in puffed up police punditry as "wanting to weaken the United State" i.e. this was an international event involving a terrorist organization (Mr. ISIS pops up, out of cold storage, right here on CBS).

This isn't another brain dead victim of our zombie media, not a completely out of his depth gun nut with a case of the Columbines. No, this is international warfare, as this veteran (so many of them veterans) was on the brink of joining ISIS, or no, he'd joined already, no wait... the details won't matter, now that the link has been made (for us, by the media mogul caliphate).

Another worn out husk of an NPC (non-playable dead end scenario, no more good cards) of the type we used to see in a medical facility (called an asylum or sanitarium) and not necessarily in a jail. Cuckoos' Nest if you wanna be unkind.

Then compassionate America decided to give them all shopping carts and to push them out on the streets. Vets get shown the same door. "Go enjoy vulture capitalism, they need to feed."  "Go be in some Breaking Bad episode."  "Have a midlife opioid crisis."

We made a distinction back then, in the old country (the one before this one), between a mental case and an enemy soldier, also between a mental case and an international terrorist.

Now we live in Crazy TV Time, wherein every mutant monster, every victim of some hideous epigenetic meme virus disease (some go back centuries), is really who they think they are, in their dying rants and manifestos.

We get to be in their world. Lucky us.

Now the crazies get to help dictate, be a central part of, some epic inter religious violent melodrama, starring heroic fighters who will keep us safe, praise Allah.