Saturday, April 27, 2019

Storyboarding New TV Show

The gamer community is always needing to create new ad hoc cities with detailed buildings, in multiple styles. Any help with generative algorithms could be a big hit.

I'm likewise seeking to blend Burning Man type "tribal centers" (experimental prototypes) into networked Country Faire vistas, suitable for year around camping in some cases. Lots of food trucks / carts / pods ala Portland, mix of tents big and small (fractal), also domes big and small (a kind of tent, or yurt).

Creating these vistas on computer, for fly through, gives the script more traction with would-be producers.

I've been talking with John Driscoll an architecture student about the building and city generation algorithms used for games and potentially reality planning. 

I'm thinking Refugee Science will prove an imaginative theme park motif actually adds to camp prosperity, cuts down on crime. This might be in the vicinity of some truck stop such that supplies and transportation are in golf cart distance (light rail?), but the village itself is mostly geared for pedestrians, Disneyland style.