Sunday, July 27, 2014

Replacing a Broken Camera

I'm thinking of the hardships endured by the Five Broken Cameras documentary filmmaker and his friends, compared with my relatively easy life.  So I had a scratch on my Nikon Coolpix.  That's hardly a super serious problem is it?

Yes, it was messing with every picture and for a guy like me, who uploads by the thousand, that seemed like a big deal.

But that's the kind of problem people shouldn't have to complain about.  Right?  Lets get real here and make fun of ourselves and our "first world problems" (his last problem looked legit), if we happen to be lucky enough to be in danger of spoiling.

The new camera is another small digital point and shoot, a FujiFilm XQ1 with lots of cool features, though less of a zoom than the Nikon Coolpix S9300.

Built into this little jobber, not an accessory, is an ability to share pictures with my Android smartphone, meaning it's even easier to upload from the field, without a computer as an intermediary and over the Verizon network.

Another first world problem is I'd left my brief case with another Wifi device at the boat moorage yesterday and had to go by the marina enroute from the airport (where I dropped off an OSCON attendee) to Forest Grove, where I was to (and did) retrieve Carol (my mom) from Pacific University.  I shared an outdoor lunch with the annual gathering of North Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Old Germantown Road made for a good Meeting for Worship for Driving (MfWfD).  I'll be doing quite a bit of driving over the next few days, if call goes according to plan.

Good seeing Tom Whittaker, Tom Head, Nancy Irving, Sarah Michener, Clint Weimeister and Gayle Matson.

Oh right, and I also replaced my Skullcandy headphones with more of the same brand, purchased at Fred Meyer for about $10 on sale (no microphone on this model).  Maybe the old ones had been through the wash or something, but one ear had gone flaky.  Nothing lasts forever.