Saturday, August 02, 2014


Islamic cultures have appreciated the geodesic sphere and dome from the start.

The shape is geometric and the mathematics pristine.  No wonder that the Globe restaurant in Riyahd, atop Al Faisaliah Tower, is considered one of the architectural marvels of the Middle East.  Sir Norman Foster, who also developed a fourth Dymaxion Car, was the designer behind it.

Here in North America, the domed mosque in Perrysburg, Ohio, near Toledo, has long been on my list of "see in person if you can" places, and yesterday I found myself only eighteen minutes away (per Google Maps) having pulled off I-75 for some excellent sushi with a co-worker.

Tara and I took the country back roads in the rental Mazda 2, guided by GPS.  Although the building was locked, a kind gentleman allowed me inside for a brief self-guided tour.

This dome was designed by Temcor, Don Richter's company, Don having been a student a Buckminster Fuller's at Black Mountain College, a contemporary of Kenneth Snelson.