Friday, July 18, 2014

Wanderers 2014-7-9

This blog post is somewhat out of chronological order in that I've already blogged about a subsequent Wanderers meetup I attended (my practice is to cover only what I witness myself), but then some presentations may take longer to think on.

Anyway, Milt Markewitz treated us to some Kabbalistic esoterica last Wednesday, which he has done before, providing a neuro-scientific context:  ancient languages, in providing alternative mnemonic networks (semantic networks) may pop us out of our reveries and provide a fresh view.  When scanning invisible landscapes for better ways forward, seeing with new eyes as it were (per the concept of "aspect shift" in Wittgenstein) may sometimes prove our salvation.

Milt's chosen specimen ancient language was Hebrew.  Around the Blue House the I Ching tends to perform a similar service in providing doors to a collective unconscious in the Jungian and/or Nietzschean sense.

For some reason I associate Jewish mysticism with my Quaker animism, meaning the non-human aspect.  Treating non-humans with respect, as Wanderers among us, worthy of their own records and chronologies, cemeteries, is one of my themes.

We lost two of our non-human community shortly after this talk, a beloved dog named Blueberry and a cat of unknown name (but appreciated) -- which may be why this theme is so close to the surface.

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