Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wanderers 2010.5.5

The room was packed this morning. I arrived a little late, having circled the company car via Cleveland/PPS, later to Jiffy Lube for a free tire top off. Front right was down to 5 pounds i.e. technically flat. Gotta keep a sharp eye on that one.

What happened amounted to a series of lightning talks or fire crackers, a kind of Ignite Portland. Indeed, some of the same topics came up: tensegrity, flextegrity... and a lot of other stuff.

My original plan had been to say something about my experience with STScI. As it turned out, my large format glossy posters, provided by the STScI outreach office, were much appreciated.

Other than that, I expressed my sincere appreciation to Holden Web for providing me with this short notice opportunity. I've continued to study numpy, although I realize the mainstream still considers Matlab the fish of the day.

After the official meeting, I used the white board to diagram some of our Radical Math concepts. This is a marketing moniker or brand promulgated by Oregon Curriculum Network. Here's the logo I'm using (click through for Photostream):


I also published Geodesic News to Synergeo, synthesizing some recent findings.

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