Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Screenings

Topic: Niger Delta. Venue: PSU. Lots of groups are studying the oil companies these days. They've been getting away with murder (literally).

Happy Birthday to PB. Mine tomorrow.

We celebrated outside, amidst stacks of books. Lots of peak oil talk, not all of it bleak.

LW shared of her adventures in Tokyo.

I borrowed a bicycle to visit with Quakers, still haven't replaced TinkerBell. Delivered program materials.

High schoolers came by to work on protest posters (an assigned PPS project). I served on clean-up crew.

JB 'n me on Synergeo:
Commercial potential of a product depends on how nifty people think it is, and on how much they all want one. So, what in the pantheon of Synergetic nifty objects has the potential of the HHoop, the Frisbee, or the Superball?

Aerospace sector dwelling machines (housing).

The fact that Lockheed-Martin hasn't unveiled anything cool in the last couple decades is discouraging. As an engineering culture, that sector is floundering, made fat and stupid by a cash cow Pentagon (after WW2 especially).
More computer science on edu-sig...