Saturday, May 01, 2010

Oil Spill

The eco-disaster unfolding in the ocean is eclipsing our conversations. The irony was not lost on Tara or Autumn, if we were to all die by our chief civilizational juice after water. Talk about peak oil.

Our standards of living, future prospects, have been changed overnight.

Last night I attended another benefit concert for Portland Womens Crisis Line. The event was held at In Other Words on the corner of Williams and Killingsworth.

Both bands, Lindsey Walker and Mannequin Head, were enthusiastically received by a mostly youthful female audience.

During a scouting expedition afterwards, seeking a bus stop for a girl and her guide dog, I got a callback from mom in New York. She'd had another long day with the airlines, had arrived at her destination. Nuclear disarmament remains a WILPF priority, since Ava Helen Pauling days and before. Linda Richards has also been in our conversations recently, amongst the Pauling House drifters (Wanderers).

I drank quite a bit of French press coffee during showtime, courtesy of a newly ensconced barista. Laughing Horse is aware of this wrinkle in the business model, is looking at hosting classes for example, in addition to concerts (has already done some of both). No one said that radicals couldn't be enterprising.

Radical thinking is what we'll need more of to counter environmental degradation, public enemy number one.