Wednesday, December 02, 2009


RFC is Internetese for "request for comments".

I figured I'd start a new debating process on math-teach so math teachers could more fully express their reservations regarding the digital math track (DM) I've been laying out for inspection on Wikieducator and places.

So far, we've had a lively thread. I've been in conversation with these people for a long time (Lou, Haim, Wayne... Michael, Hansen more recently).

Most high schools today are teaching what I'd call analog math (AM). There's an ancient tension twixt analog and digital, continuous and discrete, perpetuated in our talk about the high energy particle that is also a wave.

Thanks to the advent of digital computers starting around the mid-1900s and their subsequent personalization and semi-ubiquity, DM is making more inroads, changing the character of what's on tap.

Sunny day in Portland, lots of chauffeuring to do.