Thursday, December 03, 2009

4D Studios on Myspace

If when you go to, all you see is this...

lite view

and not this...

full view

... then look for a Full versus Lite View control on the upper right. If you don't find that, try a different browser like Chrome to see if there's a difference, and/or dump a Myspace cookie that's keeping your view Lite.

Here are the video clips currently embedded in my profile:

CSN Esoterica by 4D Studios:

An early pilot developed for Coffee Shops Network, for sharing some geometrical information of special interest to our self schooling clientèle.

Darwin at Home by Gerald de Jong:

This is a video of animations of Darwin at Home creatures which result from survival of the fittest and random mutation. Narrative by Gerald de Jong the author of the software behind the project.

Lindsey Walker at Angelo's:

Candid outtakes from one of several diverse venues frequented by a rising star from 97214, keeping Portland weird (strong, edgy). Check Friends list for link.

A mathcast by Russell Towle:

Russell Towle (1949 - 2008) was a mathcaster of high caliber, adding magnificently to our shared metaphysical treasure chest.

Electronic Behavior Control System by EBN:

A video from EBN's 1995 album Telecommunication Breakdown.

Kirby Addresses Wanderers:

I delivered this talk about design science, Buckminster Fuller etc. sometime soon after the movie Die Another Day was released first run in local Portland malls, years before this posting to Google Archive in 2005 (November).

Mathematics by The Nobility (formerly JetPack):

Mathematics music video. From the EP The Art of Building a Moat.