Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Yes it's a First Day and so in theory I shouldn't be working. However, yesterday, Saturday (Seventh Day) was pure entertainment: an easy drive from closer to Canada along I-5, and time with Matt and Lindsey watching Michael Hagmeier and his band, opening for a really good Blues bunch. This was at Roots on 7th in their bigger venue. Oh yeah, and I cut my face.

So today I need to keep getting it out there, lobbying to upgrade Earthling Math with something more palatable, spiced up a bunch, like with a little Dave's Insanity Sauce (a popular kitchen condiment in this household, in small doses).

If T-modules seem boring to you, that's probably because we don't have a lot of good quality geometry animations about them yet, much as I've been agitating for same for commercial purposes.

We also have the E modules with h=1, really close to T's radius 0.99948333226... as computed by Python just now and obtained by scaling phi/root2, which latter radius gives us a rhombic triacontahedron of 7.5 (in tetravolumes). That's what's showing in the screen shots below.

So here's a little Show & Tell with links to the cited graphics for more background, also source code:

:: lengths AC, BC, OC from linked figure 986.411A ::

:: using Python's Decimal type, setting context to 31 digits ::

:: T-mod plane net using in Python 3.1 (WinXP) ::

:: controlling a standard library turtle ::

Cited Figures: Synergetics Constant; 986.411A T-Mod Edges; 986.411B T-Mod Angles