Monday, July 06, 2009

Slowing Down

I'm glad we're taking collective advantage of this moment, to look back and reflect, almost as a generation. Michael Jackson provides the moment.

I saw about DoD Secretary McNamara today, who failed the intelligence test on Vietnam, but hey, that was a difficult puzzle and yes, hindsight is what you don't seem to have the benefit of, at the time sometimes, in the midst of wars.

Speaking of which, I saw that magnanimous gesture to keep a fueling line open, even if Operation Valhalla is failing the relevance test. People need a way out as much as they need a way in, and leaving armaments behind just feeds another round.

Mom is doing a conference call. There's plenty of business to attend to, including more at the Math Forum today, will add links when they're ready (cooked). Here we go: more on digital vs. analog math; and this one re constructivism and "dumping Gattegno" (a PSF thread).