Thursday, July 02, 2009

High Brow Talk

So here's one to auto-translate to French, back to this language, then quote yourself in a footnote to make it more cerebral, say Bourbaki a couple times as you spin on one leg, acting like Derrida on steroids... (doing my Michel Foucault imitation).

In times of only live theater, the mercury-backed mirror came along and it was like high def TV. You could see yourself, wow, and how. But with symmetry reversed. Then TV came along and switched everything right-way around (sounds British but you get the point) and professionally vain people (said with no disrespect in this context) had to make the adjustment: not only could they see themselves, but they could as others do, in "this" world, not in "mirror" world.

Today's big stars in Hollywood don't use mirrors anymore, you've probably read in Vanity Fair or one of those. They have high definition television staring them back in the face. When they say "Mirror... mirror..." in just the right tone, it dissolves into a picture of Snow White, just for kicks (very American).