Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busy Weekend

I'm double booked on Sunday, when UrbanEdibles is looking at switching to Django, reminds me of the Foodhub proposal (the one I submitted).

Dr. Martin (emeritus) is hosting an afternoon HB2U type event and mom never gets to see him almost, Bob being Roberta's partner, so I said we'd turn up there, after a clearness for membership meeting in the Beanite tradition (NPYM).

I serve on Oversight and WQM planning for Multnomah, as local AFSC liaison for Bridge City. Last time I actually saw Marco was probably at Axis of Evil that time, whereas mom met with Pam, now with the City.

Saturday (today) isn't so packed for me, though for mom it's a board meeting (me as chauffer), Tara close to going but with last minute fine tuning, switching to Saturday Market instead, with other Qs, me joining later.

Last night was MVPs at Local Lounge (circa MLK & Fremont), all very smooth and professional (Randy good at bartending), more listening than dancing, with ample amplification. Leslie and Lindsey got to meet; two Wanderers. I wasn't chaufferring anyone, just had a good time.

I should call TC, check out the new HDTV.

I did some reconnaisance in Finnegan's after leaving Elizabeth Braithwaite with the girls, checking the civilization level. They still traffic in dark ages maps 'n stuff in this city, but that's to be expected around here (Jordanians take note).

At least Cleveland (PPS) has some of the right stuff. I expect we'll see more by September, given work on the DM track is proceeding apace, more planning sessions upcoming.

A high point of today was the Electric Car Festival in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Geek Squad was there with the segways. I struck up a conversation about Weird Al.

Congratulations to SocoHanoi on a new coworking venture, on my radar through Google Groups.