Sunday, June 08, 2008

Quaker Economics

When Joe and Teresina Havens moved to Portland, our meeting was quick to embrace them as celebrities in residence.

Teresina was a strong player in Buddhist circles and wanted to share her experience over a series of meetings, with Joe sitting in. Dawn and I were loyal attenders at these gatherings.

Then Joe scrounged up his courage and formed his Quaker Economics circle, his intuition being that Friends had something to offer, as a Society, to this "dismal science" (as many then called it).

Friend Kenneth Boulding had pioneered something called a systems approach, along with some others. A lot of us could see the potential, and the group grew and thrived. We hailed from a variety of backgrounds; some of us were practicing economists.

Both Teresina and Joe have passed on by this time, both dying in style, making strong statements. Their good work lives on in our meetings however, in our memories. I consider both an inspiration and thank them for helping me keep attuned to my own inner leadings.