Monday, June 30, 2008

Get Smart (movie review)

This was a pure nostalgia trip in some ways, back to 1960s motifs and a battle with a mythical Moscow and environs (talk about eye candy!).

The allusions are contemporary though, given the president is so into Goodnight Moon, meaning the vice president "knows our business" as Tenet avers, which is why he gets in on those knock-down drag out meetings with Alan Arkin.

Bill Murray (agent 13) plays a "Man X" type, always available for those clandestine meetings on the Mall, with DC also looking resplendently gorgeous in the limelight.

Although Control is not and never has been the CIA, is one of those sixteen or so other agencies under the DNI (not cast) there's still that trademarked DO versus DI tension (ops versus analysis), with Maxwell hoping to make the grade and join the fun in the field, with agents 23 and 99 (a former couple) serving as role models. His background in "chatter" makes him an asset to the team.

Yes, the plot takes predictable turns, but the point of a movie like this is to follow formulae, to remind us of templates, even archetypes on occasion.

I found myself mildly amused, plus Kim & Jimmy were enormously generous, sharing popcorn, Red Vines, even a mini pizza! Plus Tara gave me some of her pretzel. Lots of calories! Not to worry though: I'm still getting smarter.