Saturday, June 14, 2008

Concept Car

Here's one from tomorrow's New York Times about Fuller's concept car, here depicted in front of his concept house (concept family at right).

Many post WWII Americans were ready for a peace dividend and fully expected something futuristic to happen, ala Buck Rogers. The magazines were full of such hype, with fewer capitalists actually taking the necessary risks. At least Fuller walked his talk.

Test driving, like test piloting, may be tricky. The car itself was absolved from blame after that crash, a highly unfortunate accident, but a godsend for business as usual types, who used the tragedy to bury the whole idea. Superficial stylistic "exterior decorating" would substitute for true innovation in so many corporate board rooms.

Keeping Bucky labeled "a failure" because so many of his prototypes only promised, didn't deliver (some delivered), helps keep those rising civilian expectations under control.

No peace dividend for the many, just an endlessly profitable war for the few, is what actually came about. And be warned: you'll be branded a failure if you seek a way out.

It's an inept maneuver, this anti-Bucky boycott but that's the American Look for ya, more about spin and hype than real smarts, more like Enron.

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(June - September, 2008)