Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WMBS (satire)

WMBS or optionally WBS refers to White Man's Burden Syndrome, named for the poem by Rudyard Kipling, ostensibly war propaganda to encourage the US invasion and occupation of the Philippines at the turn of the last century, although in hindsight easy to read in a sarcastic tone.

, or White Man's BS, is a psychopathology tracing to the quasi-science of Economics and the early work of Thomas Malthus to collate global assets and come up with some realistic-seeming science fiction for his day.

His results were darkly dystopian and fed a twisted, apocalyptic mindset wherein mass killings and die-offs should be welcomed as a means to raise living standards for those better off.

Here's the late Col. L. Fletcher "Man X" Prouty (USAF, retired) on this topic:
The East India Company founded Haileybury College in England to train its young employees in business, the military arts, and the special skills of religious missionaries. By 1800 it became necessary to initiate the task of making an Earth inventory, that is, to find out what was out there in the way of natural resources, population, land, and other tangible assets. The first man assigned the official responsibility for this enormously vital job was the head of the Department of Economics of Haileybury College.

This man was Thomas Malthus, who, in 1805, postulated the idea that humanity is multiplying its numbers at a geometric rate while increasing its life-support capability at only an arithemetic rate. As a result, it has been universally concluded by the power elite that only a relatively few humans are destined to survive successfully in generations to come. The Malthusian theory thus provides a rationalization for the necessity of somehow getting rid of large numbers of people, any people, in any way -- even genocide. With the Malthusian theory as the power elite's philosophical guide, this becomes an acceptable objective because, they believe, Earth will never be able to support the progeny of so many anyhow. From this point of view, genocide -- then as now -- is accepted as all but inevitable. Who cares and why be concerned?

JFK (1992)
This was the science fiction of Britain's elite managerial class, or call it dystopian futurism. As such, it's a lot like the apocalyptic visions of many Xtians, presenting with many of the same symptoms (fatalism, misanthropy, superstition).

Western civilization especially seems to have this style of thinking as a quirk, almost a hallmark.

Of course such thinking is dangerous because, as we know, prophesies have a way of being self-fulfilling, because people get used to the rhythms, believe in the music, become entranced, mesmerized by the mental imagery.

WMBS is especially endemic in North America, which partly explains why this area is so full of mentally crippled people. Children are sometimes deliberately infected by their elders with these dangerous memes in the name of "science" (a form of abuse).

We still need a DSM code for WMBS so we can bill its treatment to insurance. Obviously a lot of folk have been infected with it. More self-education is often sufficient to effect an inexpensive cure.